To celebrate the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 we will share testimonials from previous SBA winners and what it has meant to them in their careers. We hope that with the testimonial below that you will donate to the SBA.  

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I have been the fortunate recipient of a few Saskatchewan Book Awards, and each has been significant to me in my writing career. A literary award is an acknowledgement that a book matters, and that a jury took note of your work and artistic vision. That in itself is gratifying for a writer, but there’s more to it. The world of publishing has become so competitive, and in an age of social media, awards are now ingrained as a means of marketing. Every prize win has an impact that goes far beyond the initial celebration and the much-appreciated prize money. And of course that prize money helps. And of course it’s always gratifying to win an award at home, in the company of friends and colleagues. Thank you to the Saskatchewan Book Awards and its sponsors and volunteers for their continuing support of books and writers. ~ Dianne Warren ~