Bindy's Moon

About the Book

When Lloyd Ratzlaff's closest cousin and childhood friend Bindy is diagnosed with cancer and reconnects with his old faith, both men are confronted with the emotional freight left over from their fundamentalist Mennonite upbringing. In a series of reflections which combine elegy and joyful nostalgia, defined by honesty and humour, Ratzlaff recounts his personal and spiritual journey from youth to philosophical maturity. He details his experiences from careers as a minister, a counsellor, and a university instructor. These are episodes from a life spent seeking an ideal spirituality, conveying the difficulty of coming to terms with the death of a terminally-ill best friend.

About the Author

Bindy's Moon is the third book in Lloyd Ratzlaff's series of literary essays. Ratzlaff is the editor of an anthology of seniors' writings published by READ Saskatoon and a columnist for the Prairie Messenger Catholic Journal. He has served on the boards of several writing organizations and taught writing classes for the University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art & Design program and the Western Development Museum. Ratzlaff lives in Saskatoon.

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