About the Book

Eighty years have passed since flash floods, droughts, and tornadoes ravaged the North American landscape and mass migrations to the north led to decade-long wars. In the thriving city of La Ronge, George Taylor and Lenore Hanson are lawyers who live in a world of personalized Platforms, self-driving cars, and cutting-edge Organic Recreational Vehicles (ORVs), and rarely interact with members of the lower classes. When Lenore befriends a political dissenter and George accidentally crash-lands his ORV near the mountain-sheltered haven of a First Nations community, they become exposed to new ways of thinking about the way they live and who they truly are. By joining classical elements of speculative fiction and the traditions of aboriginal storytelling, Harold Johnson invites readers to consider the consequences of our current way of life.

About the Author

Harold Johnson is the author of four novels and one work of non-fiction. His fourth novel, The Cast Stone, won the 2011 Saskatchewan Book Award for Fiction. He has served in the Canadian Navy, worked as a packsack miner and logger, and holds a Master of Law degree from Harvard University. He now works as a Crown Prosecutor in La Ronge, Saskatchewan and lives off the grid with his wife Joan at the north end of Montreal Lake where they continue the traditions of trapping and commercial fishing common to Johnson’s Cree background.

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