Mahihkan Lake

About the Book

When former musician Denny Givens is paid a surprise visit by his adopted older brother Dave — a stuttering, motorcycle-riding rebel with a burn-scarred face — and instructed to give a letter to their younger sister Dianne, Denny is immediately suspicious. Before Denny has the chance to investigate, a tragic accident ends Dave’s life and plunges Denny into a downward spiral involving alcoholism and a stint in rehab. A disgruntled Dianne collects her brother and accompanies him to Mahihkan Lake where they can spread their brother’s ashes and find their closure. Meanwhile, Harold Huckaluk is on a similar journey towards redemption after a road accident leads to the suspension of his trucking license. Divorced and alienated from his family, Harold decides to use his new freedom to canoe the Mahihkan River. Soon the physical beating sustained during the trip becomes too much, and Harold’s sanity begins to slip, leading him to suspect that the two ravens and yellow-eyed wolf he keeps seeing are following him.

About the Author

R.P. MacIntyre is best known for his award-winning young adult fiction. He has also written for television, radio, and the stage, and has edited and compiled over thirty-five anthologies of YA fiction, one of which won the Canadian Librarian Association’s Book of the Year in 1997. Mahihkan Lake is his seventh book and his first adult novel.

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