nakamowin' sa for the seasons

About the Book

At a time when political movements call all indigenous peoples to a peaceful revolution, Rita Bouvier's third collection of poetry echoes a kind of quiet manifesto for change. The poems in nakamowin' sa for the seasons attempt to reconcile the traumas caused by the deep scars of history, often soaring beyond life's awkward and painful moments in order to find joy. Through her poetry Bouvier creates an awareness that the Metis world is a place not only rich in natural beauty but also flush with history and stories that have made it distinctive. nakamowin'sa reveals our fragile relationships to one another and to the natural world that sustains us. It encourages us to become caught in the movement and beauty in life - to dance, to breathe, to listen, and, of course, to sing.

About the Author

Rita Bouvier is an educator and a writer. She has published two collections of poetry with Thistledown Press, Blueberry Clouds (1999) and papiyahtak (2004), and has been nominated for several Saskatchewan Book Awards. Bouvier's poetry has been translated into Spanish and German, and her work has appeared in literary anthologies, musicals, and television productions. Bouvier lives in Saskatoon.

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