Size of a Fist

About the Book

Living in a small working class town has never suited Addy. On the night before her move to the city, her bags are packed but her boyfriend Craig wants to spend their final night partying with friends at the cemetery. When a game of chicken escalates and a local boy named Jonas is struck by the car Addy and her friends are driving, she feels responsible and vows to help the boy recover, especially when she discovers his violent home life. As Addy and Jonas’ lives become intertwined, Addy must decide whether she wants to leave for the city with Craig or follow her heart down another path in this gritty, gripping thriller that exposes the hearts of its teenage dreamers.

About the Author

Tara Gereaux is a Métis writer from the Qu’Appelle Valley. She has worked as a researcher, writer, and story editor in film and television, and her writing has been published in several Canadian literary magazines. She won Event Magazine’s 14th Annual Creative Non-Fiction Competition as well as several other screenwriting fellowships and non-fiction awards. Size of a Fist is her first published work. Gereaux lives in Regina.

2016 Book Awards