Measures of Astonishment

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About the Book

"A society without poetry and the other arts would have broken its mirror and cut out its heart." - Margaret Atwood So boldly insists one of our greatest writers in Measures of Astonishment, a refreshing and eclectic mix of deeply personal and formal essays that offer a glimpse into the minds of some of Canada's most influential poets. In addition to Atwood, the contributors to this volume include a who's who of the country's literary elite: Anne Carson, George Elliott Clarke, Anne Simpson, Tim Lilburn, A.F. Moritz, Marilyn Bowering, Mark Abley, Glen Sorestad, Robert Currie, Don McKay, Lillian Allen, and Gregory Scofield. Measures of Astonishment shines a northern light on poetry, offering unique perspectives on what it is, what it does, and why it matters.

About the Author

The League of Canadian Poets was founded in 1966 to nurture the advancement of poetry in Canada. This collection is based on the Anne Szumigalski Lecture Series.

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