The Knowledge Seeker

Recovering Indigenous Spirituality

About the Book

In The Knowledge Seeker, Blair Stonechild shares his journey through the educational system--from attending residential school to earning a PhD to being a founder of the First Nations University of Canada. In doing so, he reclaims his Indigenous spirituality. He delves into the philosophy of his people's teachings and laws, describes the significance of ceremonies, and comes to better understand the proper relationship with all created beings. "As more people ripen to understand the new world holocaust of our First Nations, Blair Stonechild's book is timely. To bring to light the spiritual relationships, attitudes, and practices of Indigenous people makes a real contribution to the world of thought." - Buffy Sainte-Marie "This seminal, experiential work is not only about Stonechild's personal journey through various education systems, but is also a culmination of experience with his own Cree culture and spirituality. An essential book." - Brian Rice, author of Rotinonshonni and Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes

About the Author

Blair Stonechild is a Cree-Saulteaux member of the Muscowpetung First Nation and professor of Indigenous Studies at First Nations University of Canada. He is the author of The New Buffalo, Loyal till Death, and Buffy Sainte-Marie.

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