Yellow Dog

About the Book

Jeremy lives in a small community where winters are long and stray dogs roam the streets. When peer pressure leads Jeremy into a bad prank, he is immediately struck with guilt — and that's when his life changes forever. Trying to make amends, Jeremy befriends Yellow Dog — and in the process meets a curious old man who introduces him to the adventures of dog sledding. Soon Jeremy is forming his own old-time dog team that includes Yellow Dog and in the process, discovers more about himself — and the old man — than he ever thought possible.

About the Author

Miriam Körner, originally from Germany, is a writer, photographer, illustrator and wilderness guide. She lives in a small cabin surrounded by her sled dogs near La Ronge, Saskatchewan. When she is not exploring the vast wilderness of Canada's Far North by dog team or canoe Miriam writes about her adventures for Mushing, West, Up Here, Outpost, Prairies North, and other magazines. Yellow Dog is her first novel for young adults and was a finalist in the Writing for Children Competition.

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