Métis Christmas Mittens

About the Book

The holiday season has always been a very special time for Métis families. A family-oriented people, the Métis often didn't have money to buy expensive presents, but instead made practical items with much love. In this spirit, award-winning author and illustrator, Leah Marie Dorion takes readers back to the Métis tradition of making mittens for loved ones. This touching ode to Métis family life is accompanied by Leah's distinctive and evocative art. 

About the Author

Leah Marie Dorion is a Métis artist and author.  She has written and illustrated several books, including Métis Christmas Mittens, My First Métis Lobstick, The Diamond Willow Walking Stick, Relatives With Roots, and The Giving Tree. Her artwork is prominently featured on many books relating to Indigenous women and children.

Norman Fleury is a Michif storyteller and Michif-language specialist. Tireless in the promotion and preservation of the Michif language, he has contributed to dozens of language resources, including dictionaries, grammar books, and he has provided innumerable translations for cultural resources. Norman is an Elder with the University of Saskatchewan.

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