About the Book

With the publication of this collection of poems, Chelsea Coupal brings a new voice to the genre of Prairie writing. Young, educated and urbane, she grew up in the village of Sedley, Saskatchewan. In language that is direct, yet supple, Coupal gives takes the reader into the heart of contemporary rural Saskatchewan, through adolescent rites of passage to the question that confronts many young Canadians growing up on a farm in the 21st century: Should I go or should I stay?

About the Author

Chelsea Coupal grew up in the village of Sedley, Saskatchewan and now lives in Regina, where she completed a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing. She won the 2017 City of Regina Writing Award and was shortlisted for CV2’s 2016 Young Buck Poetry Prize. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals across Canada, including Arc, CV2 and Grain.

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