That Lucky Old Son

Re-Discovering My Father Through His World War II Bomber Command and POW Experiences

About the Book

A moving work of autobiographical creative nonfiction, That Lucky Old Son takes readers on a journey of adventure, danger, and self-discovery as the author interleaves his own memories with his father’s experiences in Bomber Command with RAF No. 158 Squadron during the Second World War. Mark Cote weaves his childhood memories of his father with known facts of his father’s wartime service from basic training, operational flying over enemy territory, through to being shot down and captured by the Germans. He poignantly communicates the terror, uncertainty, and fleeting hope felt by the crew, transporting readers back in time to 1940s Europe.

About the Author

Mark Cote is an information junkie, scientist and Instructor at the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Regina. He is passionate about both family and aviation history -- especially that concerning RAF Bomber Command and his father's RCAF service in WWII.

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