Lac Pelletier: My Metis Home

  • Author Name: Cecile Blanke
  • Publisher: Garbriel Dumont Institute Press
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • ISBN: 9781926795911

About the Book

The history of the southwest Saskatchewan Metis is not widely known, and this book contributes significantly to our knowledge of this community. With her vivid memories of Lac Pelletier local families and traditions, we are left with an enduring portrait of a caring Metis community which maintained close family ties and lived in harmony with Lac Pelletier's flora and fauna.

About the Author

Cecile Blanke is the daughter of Maurice LaRoque and Lena Whiteford. She is the granddaughter of Leon LaRoque and Mary Rose Trottier. She comes from a long line of resilient Metis who settled in southwest Saskatchewan before the 1900s, after their departure from Red River. Cecile Blanke has been recognized by many organizations for her tireless efforts to preserve southwest Saskatchewan's Metis history. She was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award for Southwest Saskatchewan in 2010 and the Order of the Metis Nation in 2014.

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