Wide Open

A Searing Memoir of sexual assault and recovery
  • Author Name: D.M. Ditson
  • Publisher: Coteau Books
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • ISBN: 9781550509663

About the Book

Downloads Hi-Res Image Wide Open is a memoir about faith and loss of faith, about sexual assault and about the astounding human capacity to heal. "This incredibly brave and powerful memoir is written in prose both luminous and stark. I read it in one gulp, in awe of the author's willingness to surrender to her experience of trauma and of her generosity in sharing her journey with her readers. Wide Open will take you to the farthest reaches of what it means to be human." Alison Pick, Man Booker nominated author of Far to Go and Strangers With the Same Dream Wide Open begins with the start of a promising relationship. As D. M. Ditson falls in love, she is forced to confront her past: a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, family secrets, and a series of men who sexually assaulted her when she was between the ages of eighteen and twenty five. One of the assaults was so devastating that it left her showering in her sleep, trying in vain to wash the darkness away. D. M. Ditson’s story is a raw and emotional account of how she became so vulnerable to assault, of the depths to which she fell, and of her excruciating recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder.

About the Author

D. M. Ditson is obsessed with telling the truth. She has been writing for over a decade as a journalist and as a government communications consultant. Wide Open is her first book. Before it was published, her memoir won the 2017 John V. Hicks prize, awarded by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild. D. M. Ditson recently moved from Regina, Saskatchewan to Invermere, British Columbia, where she can often be found enjoying the mountains. She is happy.

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