Faces of the Force

True Stories of C-1966/67 Troop
  • Author Name: Helen Metella and Pamela Cowan
  • Award Year: 2021
  • Publisher: Your Nickel's Worth Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781988783529

About the Book

They hailed from all regions of Canada. They were focused on a momentous task. They were going to uphold the laws of this country. In June 1966, thirty-two young men from across Canada arrived at RCMP “Depot” Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, where they underwent rigorous training. The physical and emotional challenges were many, but in spite of these, the recruits developed a sense of camaraderie and determination that enabled them to graduate as C-1966/67 Troop. Faces of the Force follows the careers of these young police officers as they dispersed across Canada to encounter both triumph and tragedy; some would remain in the RCMP, others would pursue other paths. Through it all, they would never forget the lessons they learned, and what it means “to serve and protect.”

About the Author

Pamela Cowan enjoyed reporting at the Leader-Post for more than two decades, and her stories appeared frequently in papers across the Postmedia chain. While studying at the University of Regina’s School of Journalism, Pamela received numerous awards and scholarships, and she was the recipient of four provincial and national awards for health reporting during her career. She is the author of three books and currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, home to the RCMP “Depot” Division. Helen Metella is a former journalist who has written extensively for major Canadian newspapers, the cbc, magazines, and television, on subjects ranging from music to military families, and weight loss to Olympic hockey. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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