PrEP, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Barebacking
  • Author Name: Ricky Varghese (ed.)
  • Award Year: 2021
  • Publisher: University of Regina Press
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • ISBN: 9780889776838

About the Book

Marking the tenth anniversary of Tim Dean’s Unlimited Intimacy, "Raw" returns to the question of barebacking, a timely topic in the age of PrEP, a drug that virtually eliminates the transmission of HIV. The authors in Raw push Dean’s conclusions and explore questions related to sex and sexual practices, shedding light on some of the most prescient questions regarding sexuality in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

About the Author

Ricky Varghese received his PhD in sociology of education from OISE/University of Toronto in 2014. He has recently been invited to guest edit a special issue of the journal Porn Studies, “Porn on the Couch: Sex, Psychoanalysis, and Screen Cultures/Memories.” / Trained professionally as a social worker, Varghese runs a private practice as a psychotherapist. In September 2017, he started his clinical training to become a psychoanalyst at the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis.

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