Road to La Prairie Ronde

  • Author Name: Cort Dogniez
  • Award Year: 2021
  • Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781926795973
  • Tags: Nominee 2021

About the Book

Cort Dogniez’s Road to La Prairie Ronde, takes the reader on an imagined journey of his ancestor, Frederick Dumont, from his home in Batoche to the Métis settlement of La Prairie Ronde, known today as Round Prairie. Frederick was a relative of the famous Métis leader, Gabriel Dumont. Frederick’s journey takes place just a few years prior to the tragic events of the 1885 Resistance. This charming coming-of-age story focuses on young Frederick learning valuable lessons from his family as he begins his own journey from boyhood to manhood. The Cree and Métis concept of wâhkôtowin is a central part of this story. Wâhkôtowin is about maintaining and affirming relationships with the Creator and the natural world and with families, communities, and Indigenous nations. We have a relationship to all things. Elegantly illustrated by Jade McDougall, Road to La Prairie Ronde is complemented with a Michif glossary, a teachers’ guide, and suggested learning activities. This comprehensive learning package gives readers and educators an opportunity to learn more about traditional Métis lifeways and history.

About the Author

Cort Dogniez is a proud Métis man, born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Cort spent a lot of time with his kohkom and is honoured to have learned her history, stories, and cultural perspectives, which he passes on through his storytelling. Cort has always been passionate about including Indigenous perspectives in a meaningful way for students and staff to build their understandings and make schools safe, welcoming and respectful for everyone. He is a graduate of the Indian Teacher Education Program and possesses a Bachelor of Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Studies. Cort was a teacher for 23 years and was the Coordinator of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education for eight years with Saskatoon Public Schools. He retired, but continues to do consulting work with school divisions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He recently retired as the Métis Education Program Leader based at St. Michael Community School, but is still available to all Greater Saskatoon Catholic schools. Cort continues to enjoy facilitating Treaty Workshops through the Office of the Treaty Commissioner.

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