Tiny Ruins

  • Author Name: Nicole Haldoupis
  • Award Year: 2021
  • Publisher: Radiant Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781989274385
  • Tags: Nominee 2021

About the Book

A funny and touching coming-of-age and coming out story that follows Alana as she grows up, and navigates a perplexing and sometimes hostile world. Her sister is her both her constant companion and tormentor, and Alana is desperate for her approval. This book is for anyone who ever stood alone at the edge of the playground and longed to be included.

About the Author

Nicole Haldoupis is a queer writer, editor, and designer from Toronto. She’s a co-creator and editor of untethered, editor of Grain, and co-founder of Applebeard Editions. Her work can be found in Bad Dog Review, The Feathertale Review, Bad Nudes, (parenthetical), Sewer Lid, antilang, and others. Tiny Ruins is her first book.