Manny's Memories

About the Book

Manny’s Memories, by author Ken Caron with his daughter Angela Caron, introduces us to the Métis community of Round Prairie, Saskatchewan through the eyes of a young boy growing up in the 1940s. Manny shares his boyhood memories of the once vibrant community not too far from Saskatoon’s city limits. Though rural life at the time called for hard work, self-sufficiency, and generosity, there was always time to have fun and to enjoy being a young Métis boy. Artist Donna Lee Dumont’s visual expression of Manny’s Memories helps us see the world as Ken, called “Manny” in his youth, remembers it. Norman Fleury’s accompanying Michif translation and narration returns to the language which Manny so often heard as a boy. Manny’s Memories leaves us with a rare and satisfying glimpse of life not so long ago.

About the Author

Ken Caron was born in a small house on Avenue M in Saskatoon in 1939. After his birth, his family moved back to their home at Round Prairie. They lived there until 1949, after which they returned to the city. Retired from the optical business, Manny’s Memories is Ken’s first book.

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Angela Caron is very proud of her roots in the historic Métis community of Round Prairie. An educator employed with Saskatoon Public Schools since 1999, Angela is extremely thankful for the opportunity to record her father’s boyhood memories about growing up at Round Prairie.

2015 Book Awards

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