Rose's Run

About the Book

Rose Okanese, a single mother of two, has been pushed into a corner by Rez citizens to claim some self-respect, and she decides the fastest way to do that is to run the reserve's annual marathon. Her training is sidetracked when she must do battle with an ancient spirit woman that feeds off the strength of women and can have them do her bidding. In no time the Rez is in an uproar; all of this leads to incidents of humour and plot-twisting bemusement, liberally sprinkled with some jittery acts of valour. Dumont interweaves a tale of motherly love, friendship, lustful longing, wîhtikow lore, and Rez humour, and keeps the hoopla going until the race is done.

About the Author

Dawn Dumont is the author of Nobody Cries at Bingo (Thistledown Press, 2011) which was shortlisted for the City of Edmonton Award and the Alberta Reader’s Choice Award. She writes and performs comedy across Canada. You can also catch her on the APTN reality comedy series Fish Out of Water which she co-hosts with comedian Don Kelly. (She’s the one screaming and falling out of canoes.) She is also the afternoon drive DJ for Voices Radio, broadcast across Canada. She writes a monthly column for the Eaglefeather News called “That’s What She Said.” Dumont divides her time between Saskatoon, Edmonton, and the rest of Canada.

2015 Book Awards

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